What cocktails are good for those who don't like alcohol..?!

Question: What cocktails are good for those who don't like alcohol..?
I tried cocktails for the first time the other day. I thought they'd be little explosions of flavours in your mouth which didn't carry the typical taste of alcoholic drinks which I find repulsive.
I DID love the Strawberry Daquiri however as you could barely taste the alcohol.

Any others??


Pina Colada

Vodka and pineapple juice my favorite
Vodka and cranberry juice (cape cod)
Vodka and orange juice (screwdriver)
Vodka and sour mix (vodka sour)
Vodka and tonic water (vodka tonic)
Vodka, Khalua, & cream (white russian)
Vodka, frozen pink lemonade concentrate, coolwhip, a little water & ice, blended (ripped pink panties)

One part Vodka (NOT ARISTOCRAT), one part orange juice, one part pineapple juice. Presto. Cheap, simple, and minimal vodka flavor. You just really don't need to use cheap vodka, it'll make anyone vomit.

Screwdriver made with Orange Vodka, Long Island Ice Tea, Duck Fart (1/2 Kahlua, 1/2 irish cream, tad bit of good whiskey).. many more

Basically anything fruity.

shirley temple.

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