I drank a bottle of rubbing alcohol, is that bad?!

Question: I drank a bottle of rubbing alcohol, is that bad?
There was no more vodka left in my freezer, so I started licking this bottle of rubbing alcohol when I sitting on the toilet. After 10 minutes or so I realized I emptied the entire thing. Am I going to be okay?


No. You are going to Die. Sorry.

Isopropanol is found in OTC rubbing alcohol (70% isopropanol), antifreeze, skin lotions, and some home cleaning products.

Death from ingestion of isopropanol is uncommon. Isopropanol has 2-3 times the potency of ethanol and causes hypotension and Central Nervous System and respiratory depression more readily than ethanol. Peak levels occur approximately 30 minutes after ingestion because of rapid gastrointestinal absorption, which is delayed in the presence of food. Isopropanol is a CNS and cardiac depressant with about twice the potency of ethanol. Serum levels more than 400 mg/dL are potentially fatal.

You're f'd.

If you're serious, then you should contact poison control for real. I know the bottle of rubbing alcohol I have at my place says to contact them if you ingest it.

I would talk to to a doctor just to be sure.

No. Dial posion control and then find your nearest AA meeting.

holy crap please find a doctor or poision control.


if you have some.. blindness problems in the next few hours then yes.. you might die if it was denatured

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