Four lokos? Wats ur favorite flavor?!

Question: Four lokos? Wats ur favorite flavor?
Ok im just lettin ppl know that even thou lokos seriously eff u up aha i know from experience (dont judge me) and are banned they r still being sold in 2 beer stores like legit down the street from where i live and in this one pizza shop which i dont get but yea and if ur wonderin how teenagers get them its simple really its called they r cheap and we ask other ppl and we have fake i.ds just cuz its banned or not legal doesnt mean u cant buy it... Btw wats ur favorite flavor???


they are a good bang for the buck, and yes they do seriously F you up.

and they aren't colors they are flavors, and even though I think they are all terrible Green Apple is probably the most tolerable one to me.. and yes it is easy for underage kids to get alcohol, too easy

and they aren't banned in my state anymore, they were for like a month, but they changed their ingredients and are sold in the stores again

******* ******

My favorite flavors are bleach and horse urine. At least that's what i think they were.

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