How many cigarettes can you roll from a 30g of rolling tobacco?!

Question: How many cigarettes can you roll from a 30g of rolling tobacco?
serious answers only pls, I don't need a lecture on the negs of smoking


6oz does roughly 200(a carton). Depends on if you use a hand roller with regular papers or a machine roller with Filtered tubes. Also depends on how tight you pack them. Also if you are rolling 100's (length). sorry I don't have more about your specific amount. I know the little bugler/tops packs you can get at the gas station (like $3-5) are about a pack(20 cigs) but I don't know the weight of those.

14 Mr Poopyhead

smoking is chill. u can get bout 12, i did em b4

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yeah c-row is right 6oz. is a carton (200)so roughly 33 squares

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