Is does joose have caffine?!

Question: Is does joose have caffine?
I poured it out cus I was just on there web site. I took a sip then changed my mind. I was drinking it for two weeks straight with no problems just one can a night.


Yes it has caffeine, unless you live in one of those states which banned the drink because of the caffeine. They are dangerous to drink to many a night but you should be just fine drinking only one a night. FYI The caffeine put into energy drinks come from the caffeine drawn from making decaffeinated coffee!

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yes they have caffeine. they were originally banned along with 4 lokos, and tilts, and some other stuff. but they were reinstated- at least in my state... they just have less caffeine now, but still quite a bit. and 1 can of joose is about the same as either 4 or 5 beers (9.9%=about 4, 12%= about 5)

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