HELP i dnt know what kinda ALCOHOL to drink?!

Question: HELP i dnt know what kinda ALCOHOL to drink?
Hello there everyone here is the thing, I dnt know how to pick alcohol. I mean i feel lame sometimes because all of my friends drink - casually that is, not abusive. we have parties at our apartments, houses, dorms, etc. and yet i mean everyone is drinking and i have no idea what to choose what ti mix, nada!!

im totally clueless when it comes to this stuff. DONT get me wrong its not like ive never taken a drink before, i have ive tried beer, and im not too fond of it, ive had some drink called an audios i guess thats considered what a mix drink? i d k .. the main idea is i dont know what to do like what kinda drink to order or what.

has anyone ever felt like this before? I would reall appreciate some GOOD answers im really serious about this and dont want mean or off subject answers. Thank you!!


You just need to have a few things, Beer, usually a light beer, some red and white wine, and the can get a few bottles that can be mixed with many different things....I would suggest that you have Vodka, Rum, and a bottle of whisky....with those three you should be able to make most basic drinks.......but don't forget the mixers

Always remember that you do not have to drink. Remember too, that for each 2 oz shot, 8 oz beer or glass of wine for someone who is 150 pounds, it will give you a blood alcohol count of 0.08, which is legally drunk or impaired.

If you want to make sure you are eating something like nuts, chips, or a sandwich. A nice beer or wine is good. Hard ciders are good also. There is not much alcohol in them, so you can drink with your friends and just relax.

Mixed drinks with hard liquor can surprise you as to how strong they may be on your system. The mixes usually have sugar in them which can mask the alcohol punch.

Be careful. Alcohol can be a joy to drink and enjoy with friends, but it has also destroyed many lives. Learn to be responsible.

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I am a total lightweight. If I have more than about 1 1/2 drinks, I'm down for the count. So I make my drinks matter - in that, I get drinks that I really enjoy.

If you're around a bunch of twentysomethings, easy things to have are fruity or citrusy drinks like margaritas, lemon drops, and fuzzy navels, salty dog or greyhound. Another option is a long-drink like a gin and tonic, or 7 and 7 (whiskey and 7 up), or a brandy buck (brandy and ginger ale). Long drinks are nice cuz they take longer to drink so you can savor them longer and they also hydrate you a bit more.

AVOID a long-island iced tea - there's no tea in it, it's just a huge glass of pure alcohol that will totally waste you.

A good source for cocktail suggestions is:…

Good luck and enjoy.

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