Alcoholism runs in the family?!

Question: Alcoholism runs in the family?
I have it multiple times throughout both sides of my family. But my parents are not, do I still have a high chance of becoming an alcoholic?


The chances are higher from a family with a past history of alcoholism.
But it's not set in stone you may not have a problem
What ever you do they know now that people that drink starting at 21 yrs old are 80% to 85% less likely to be addicted.
People that start at 15 have a 90% chance to ruin their lives.

alcoholism is a disease. some alcoholics can find it in their family.
my suggestion to you is not to drink at all.
you will have greater chances of not becoming one.
alcohol will destroy you in many ways. emotionally,physically, and financially. many homeless people are alcoholics. and also have drug addictions.
do some real research if you need to know more. or leave it alone altogether.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with becoming an alocholic if you stay in control of your life. I've been a proud and functioning alcoholic for decades and am having the time of my life. Just learn to control it and you will too

depends on the person, if you drink to much you will know. if you do then start asking this question. if you dont drink to much then ur fine

drinking is fun go for it

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