What is the best bottled beer ?!

Question: What is the best bottled beer ?
Supermarkets are stocking more and more good bottled beers, I want some opinions as to the best ones, and why :)


I could give you an endless list. Beers like MGD or Coors are really not good beers at all, don't even bother with them. Try some real cask ales and some Wheat beers, but it is down to your own personal taste.
-Guinness Foreign Extra
-Clotworthy Dobbin
-London Pride
-Blue Moon
-Innis & Gunn
-Peroni Gran Riserva
and many more...
Check out ratebeer.com and see what other people think, also, for some proper beer reviews etc, follow this guy, he knows his stuff! http://thepurduebeerblog.blogspot.com

The Beer Blog (thepurduebeerblog.blogspot.com)

Czech beers, like Starpromen, Czech Budavar (not that watery Budweiser crap) and any Polish beers you can get hold of.There's a good selection in the UK, 6 or 8 400ml cans cost just £5!

They actually have some flavour, rather than just being watery or too sweet.

I work at a grocery store and am a huge fan of good beer so let me tell you the brands we carry that I might actually buy (if the wine store that I usually buy my beer from is closed).
sierra nevada's pale ale and torpedo extra IPA. dogfish head 60 minute IPA. sam adams' blackberry wit or seasonal sampler 12 pack. victory's hop devil. southern tier's IPA. leffe blond. oskar blues' dale's pale ale. yuengling's porter.

there are probably a few others but i'm drawing a blank. good luck!

I get dissapointed everytime I try one of those seven dollar six packs.Miller High Life Light in the bottle still remains my fave.Samual Adams was the biggest dissappointment,tried the Boston Lager and October something.ICK!

stevens POINT bottle beer is always good
rhinelander BOCK bottle beer is goog too

Bishop's Finger is quite a nice beer for a change, although it's not one I would drink all the time.

If you get the chance try some of the real beers brewed by 'BREW DOG'.

Can order online if your supermarket doesn't stock them.

VERY 'hoppy' but VERY, VERY tasty...and quite often with a high ABV.

Pointless question. The best one is the one YOU like most.

Fullers London Pride, 0.5% stronger than draught, this seems to improve the taste

I like Blue Moon with a few orange slices, Dos Equis, or Red Stripe

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