How to still have fun without getting ****-faced drunk.?!

Question: How to still have fun without getting ****-faced drunk.?
Ok so basically for about a year now, i've been going out every other weekend, and having a pretty great time. The only problem is that, i've started a new diet, i'd like to get myself in shape and my diet includes pretty low levels of alcohol. Last weekend i went out to a nightclub with my friends and i didn't drink anything alcoholic and i had such a horrid night, everyone was having fun around me and i just felt nothing ):
So, i guess my question is, do you have any tips concerning loosening up and still being able to have fun without drinking? and what alcoholic drink would be least fattening/bad for yoru health that wouldnt get you TOO drunk, but drunk enough to enjoy yourself?


Once you reach the actual "drunk" stage, it's really downhill from there. People think "I feel good when I drink so more alcohol must = more fun" but once you reach about a .04 or .06 alcohol level that is the high of your buzz. After that the depressant effects of alcohol begin to take effect and you get sloppy, sleepy, remember less, and though you may want to have a good time you really are just falling all over the place. So to release your inhibitions and have a good time without getting wasted just don't drink so much so fast. Three drinks a night (depending on the length of the night) are probably all you need to get a good buzz. Just don't drink them too fast =] Space them out and if after the third you feel you're losing your buzz, get one more.

If you did not have fun when you weren't drinking, the odds are that you are to blame - are you feeling left out? deprived? Grandma always used to say that people who had a boring time were boring people - maybe you need to see if that could apply to you. If you were just so terribly miserable, maybe you could nurse a wine spritzer for a couple of hours - or get your friends to try another bar where there are more things to do than drink.

Do what you do when you're drunk...stop caring about what everyone else around you thinks.

All alcoholic beverages have a generous amount of calories, but as far as this.…

works for me

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