How much vodka til id get drunk?!

Question: How much vodka til id get drunk?
Never have drinked before. 6 foot 1, 160 pound guy. Smirnoff will be the brand.


five shots will probably get you buzzer pretty good, probably even a little drunk... anything beyond that and you will likely get sick (will cherry being popped), you might get sick off that much anyway

maybe a half pint would get you tipsy and a pint would get you very drunk please be careful you could die from alcohol posioning especially if you have never drank before since your body isn't used to alcohol because you don't drink and you can really get hurt. Please reconsider this.

not a lot. you're not THAT heavy, I mean, you're not 200 lbs or so...
And it's your first time, so you don't have a high tolerence level yet.
I suggest if you're trying to avoid getting drunk (as you hopefully are) to eat something first. That will miigrate the alcohol a little bit.
Don't drive ;)

Not a lot if you haven't drank before. It has more to do with the tolerance of your liver in my experience. My advice take it slow. You will wake up feeling like **** if you over do it.

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