is it cheaper to brew your own beer?!

Question: Is it cheaper to brew your own beer?


The answer is yes and no. First, buying all the equipment is a large cost up front. Second, it depends on what type of beer you drink. Brewing a beer like Budweiser would cost you more than just buying it. Brewing a Siera Nevada Pale Ale would save you about 50%. Third, if you mess up a batch it starts getting really expensive.
My experiance is over 150 gallons of homebrew... and drinking my latest right now. Cheers!

If you drink beers like Bud, no. What brewing your own beer will do for you is give you higher-quality beer at the price you pay for the cheap stuff. You can cut back on the cost by buying used equipment and making your own. Flea markets have been very good to me in that way. If you shop carefully for supplies and order your year's supplies in a single order, you might be able to produce two cases of good beer for $30 or thereabouts.

It can be, after the initial set up costs. Especially if you buy a lot of beer.

In the long run, hell ya! But that also depends on you a little, make sure you don't mess up lol

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