Based off my info, how many tequila shots would it take for me to get drunk or dizzy?? Help?!

Question: Based off my info, how many tequila shots would it take for me to get drunk or dizzy?? Help?
Hi, I am a white 17 year old girl, 120 ibs and 5'4" (I have never drank before either....)

Okay so how many shots of tequila will it take me to get drunk?

How many shots of tequila would it take fore me to get dizzy and a little ditzy, but not drunk?

The number doesnt have to be exact, just approximate based of experience or ur knowledge i guess


make sure u eat good the day that your gonna drink if u want to drink more .. I'm gonna say that you can handle 3 shots if they are the size of bar shot glasses . If they are really really little shot glasses then about 5

It varies. If you are taking your average high proof tequila (like strong vodka) maybe 2 - 3. Drunk would be more like 4 -5 maybe 6. But considering you never drank it would be more like 2 for dizzy and 4 for drunk. Me personally the first time I had vodka (weighed 151 lbs and was 5' 4'') I drank half a bottle of 80 proof and I was a little tipsy. So it depends on other things too. Such as ethnic background and your family. Because my family was all drinkers and drunks (I am not one though) I think my tolerance was naturally just higher at that time.


definitely like 2, 3 at the most. if you never drank before, you are not tolerant at all, and you are quite skin/average i think, so yeah. like 2. it also depends on how you pace yourself. if you took 2 shots in an hour you'll be tipsy... but 2 shots in 2 hours, you might just be buzzed. a shot every hour and a half with no other drinks would PROBABLY keep you good (tipsy) through the night :)

PS - you should just get regular drinks if you are going to drink, cause shots go quick and before you know it, you'll be tipsy, have some light drinks and you can have like 3 - 4 which will be bigger throughout the night.. if you take like 3 shots within an hour or two, the tipsy-ness will start going away after 2 - 3 hours... 3-4 drinks you can carry around for like 3 hours! ha

very experienced drinker + my opinion

I have never drunk it before, but i checked and its alcohol percentage is about the same of very strong vodka.
so probably 2 shots would get you a bit dizzy

if you're worried about how much you'll need to buy, just buy more than necessary and limit yourself after a few

Well considering 17 was a typo, probably 4. Because you're small and probably have no tolerance. Take three and decide if you want more. Be carful though, once you hit 6 or 7 it'll go 89101112131415123456

if you have never drank before, one shot will get you buzzed but you will get cocky and take a second and then you will get ****** up.

my estimation : u wud b ok wid 2 shots. on 3 u wud get dizzy. nd by 5 u wud b drunk.





none cause u are under aged and should not be drinking

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