Can I use a BBQ lighter to smoke weed?!

Question: Can I use a BBQ lighter to smoke weed?

I've done it....if its all ya got to use at the time ya don't have much choice....anything with a flame hell i've even used matches....pain in the *** but it canbe done

Personal experience is always the best source

NO!!!! dont even try it. You will light your entire house on fire and possibly light yourself on fire and die and burn the entire house down!!!!! I hope you do not even think of doing something so foolish you're willing to risk killing yourself over weed????!!!! come on!!!! Use a match or a lighter and if you don't have one then go get one.

common sense.

why ask yahoo if you can use a bbq lighter, just do it and see what happens. If it blows up, it blows up and all of your weed gets burned and you cant smoke it. Should of just done it the way everyone does it you stupid cow.

yes u can but u'll have a slight butane taste to it. i would use wood matches. only answering this because i have a marijuana medical licence.

Uhm, i doubt it. unless you wanna practically die of kerosene inhalation.

Weed is for 12 year olds, grow up and do some coke

Are you baked?

Im baked

Like one of them ling things? Of course! Anything with a flame:) besides a match. That doesn't work well lol

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