Can you buy breatalyzers so you dont drink drive?!

Question: Can you buy breatalyzers so you dont drink drive?

Yes, here is an example of one for only £19.99…

Yes. It's called a Breathkey. It fits on your car keys. It's a regular Breathalyzer. It costs around 50 bux. The only problem I have with it is you have to wait 30 mins after eating or drinking for it to be accurate. If I waited 30 mins between each beer or shot then I'd be sober. So it's only good if you have the discipline to sit at the bar for a half hour, test yourself, and then decide if you want another beer or time to go home. But it is good to decide after the half hour if you're going home in a Taxi or your own car.

Amazon have them. Here's the page -

Or you could just not drink if you know you have the car. Save you money all round.

Yes you can, they sell it over the counter now.

how about not being a dick and not drinking when you're driving. simple & free. people can survive without alcohol.


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