A name for an application that finds pubs?!

Question: A name for an application that finds pubs?
Have just created an application for Iphone that helps people locate the nearest pub. We still need to name it though. A pun or something amusing would be good! All suggestions welcome.


The Pub Crawler

assuming you are in the UK... since you said pub.
how about "pub & grub"?

since the iphone, and all other smartphones already have a GPS, and mapping software, they will already find the closest pub/bar/etc... unsure why anyone would want a iphone app that does the same thing.

'Watering Holes' or, Slosh Buckets

Where's my next drink?
Pub Finder
Drink Finder
Nearest Drink

sorry i just thought them up on the spot.


bar hop

Dude, where's my bar?

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