what is the rarest kind of liquor on earth?!

Question: What is the rarest kind of liquor on earth?
What is the rarest kind of liquor on earth?
NOT the most expensive, or the homemade kind, or a record auction sale. what liquor is made in such small amounts that it is near impossible to get? no smart azz answers please.


It's so rare that only the multimillionaires know its name. It is called "Nectar of the Gods". It is placed in a platinum and gold container that has 250,000$ worth of the metals alone. There were only 1,000 bottles made and sold. You can't have it, you can't see it, but it is out there.

It is probably a Scotch Malt Whisky, some producers allow you to distill your own, choose the type of barrel it is stored in, keep it for you for ten years plus then bottle it for you, over this time there will be a fair amount of evaporation, making the final product rather unique.


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