what kind of liquor/spirit is no longer made in this world?!

Question: What kind of liquor/spirit is no longer made in this world?
pure white field corn whiskey is one, indian trade whiskey is another, and clear high- thujone absinthe is another. what kind of liquor is no longer produced?
no smart azz answers please.


I'm guessing no one makes blanket whisky anymore. you take your pot of boiling mash and put a blanket over it. when the blanket is soaked in evaporated alcohol you wring it out over a tin can and lay out the blanket for more. It was said that the dirtier blankets made better whisky. The clear liquid floating on a sourdough starter is a weak alcohol. The natives of the yukon area caled it Hoochia, from which we get our word hooch. Ive tried it. It really really sucks. My friend reading over my shoulder insists that Clown whiskey is no longer made because trhe supply of real clowns dried up. Ooookaaaayyyy.

clear high- thujone absinthe IS still made, in some parts of Europe
pure white field corn whiskey is also made, but its generally called moonshine.

i haven't heard of anyone distilling mead anymore. and very few brandies are made other than grape... or flavored grape brandies.

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