What Brand of Dipping Tobacco do you Guys Prefer?!

Question: What Brand of Dipping Tobacco do you Guys Prefer?
I love Copenhagen but There is still kinds I haven't tried like (also pick which one you guys prefer):
Red Seal


Skoal is pretty good. Lots of good flavors too, if your into that.

Grizzly is my favorite if you're looking to go cheap.

I prefer Grizzly Mint because their wintergreen is nasty lol; the mint is pretty moderate. I occasinally splurge and buy a can of Skoal citrus because it tastes like skittles but the cherry is decent as well. I also chew and when i do its either levi garret or southern pride. you should give hawken a try; IMO the best wintergreen around and i hate wintergreen dip but this tastes like gum. Its sort of a fusion between chew and dip.

Grizz is definitely the most bang for your buck. Cope's a little stronger but with Grizzly being way cheaper, you can't compare. If you're looking for dirt cheap, Red Seal's the way to go (I like the wintergreen). Skoal's a little pricey and not the best buzz, but they have a ton of flavors, and they're all pretty damn good (except berry blend, avoid that like the plague).

When I used to chew it was always Skoal Straight. Every once in a while I would grab a flavored can such as Berry Blend, Apple, and Spearmint. All were good but I always went back to Straight. If money was tight I would buy Kayak Straight. Good substitute for about half the price.


skoal is okay if you like mouthwash. Grizzly and Twolf really suck. Raspberry Happy Days if you need to induce vomiting. J+B long cut for sharing. it will cure people of askng you for a dip. Want to go big before going home? go to nicotinerush.com and order up some real snuff. click on the American category. I go with Levi Garrets.

Peanut butter! Stop dipping to avoid gum disease, and oral cancers!

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