Is Moderate Caffeine Consumption Bad For You?!

Question: Is Moderate Caffeine Consumption Bad For You?

As for coffee, I'll will take mine black and in moderation. Tried tea, but it never gave me the lift I needed to start my day. Two cups in the morning and no more the rest of the day. As for coffee being bad for you, not many people get out of life alive. I have my peccadilloes and life without good food, good wine, coffee and chocolate would be less enjoyable.

Take it from my experience being that I'm a latte addict. I used to order 20 oz of latte everyday. One day, out of the blue, I could not breathe. I felt my heart pounding like crazy. I swore I thought I was going to drop dead.

Since then, I would order decaf latte and I never had that near death experience anymore.

Of course, what do you mean by moderate? Try checking on a website, like WebMD, something where you can find out what "moderate" means as far as a doctor thinks.

no the key word being "moderate"

If you have almost anything in moderation its ok.

Currently experts are saying mild caffeine consumption is good for you , probably not if you have a bad heart or high B/P though

No. In fact, I hear moderate caffeine consumption is actually good for the heart.

Peanut butter is better!

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