why did i get so drunk, read?!

Question: Why did i get so drunk, read?
is it bad to drink shots fast? around 5 shots get me drunk but one time i drank them really close together and got wasted. :/ why does this happen if it's the same amount all under an hour?


could be a lot of different reasons. could be because you took them on an empty or close to empty stomach so they were absorbed into your blood stream quicker.. another reason could be that you took them back-back-back-back-back so they all hit your body at the same time, where as the other ones might have been spread out 10 minutes apart so there was a little adjustment time... when you spread them out you at least go from sober-buzzed-drunk-blackout (if you get there), but with taking 5 at once you likely skipped the buzzed stage or were there for only a couple minutes.. be more careful, i've blacked out a lot of times and usually from similar drinking patterns (drinking a crap load really really fast) and my actions were not positive.


Each shot contains 1/2 an oz of liquor, which is all our liver can digest in an hour. When you drank them with some time in between, it sorta stretched out the time, and you were able to process some liquor in the interval, however, since you drank them rapidly side by side with no break, it was just a MAJOR overload.

Health class

5 shots is MUCH too much for ANYONE within an hour. Wait until you're older kid.

If you're 13 you shouldn't drink... stop raiding your parents liquor cabinet!

human natural i guess

Stop Drinking!

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