Is Lone (Cat's Piss) Star beer popular the Rio Grand Valley?!

Question: Is Lone (Cat's Piss) Star beer popular the Rio Grand Valley?

Cat's piss huh, good one.Lone (Cat's Piss) Star beer is very popular in the state of delusion as it is in tx.

Its the most popular beer in the that state.

As a Californian I know that Lone Star is not a popular beer here. Maybe up in the midwest but not here.

Yeah it is.
Lone Star
Grain Belt
Lineikugels (Wtf-ever)
Genesee Beer
Margaritaville Brewing’s Landshark
= crap

What I really mean is that they have no bad flavor just nearly no flavor. I can credit some of the Macro brews for being just as light but with some flavor to note.

But oh my, "Lone Star Loves to Party"!
Brings back the good ol' days, drinkin', fishin', diggin' for gold, find gold, go to town, sell gold, go across the road to Jiffy Mart, buy some more Lone Star longnecks, go back in the hills and do it all over again!
Yeehaw, Californians love Lone Star too!
Not any pissier than all the crappy lagers mass produced in our country...

Yes sir that's the top of the bill in the RGV. Yes sir that is a very accurate description indeed.

Some people like it, mostly for beer pong. I honestly don't see the point.

<- RGV resident

It is along with the rat-piss Shiner Bock.

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