Is this enough to get drunk?!

Question: Is this enough to get drunk?
Ok, first I'll specify that don't worry we're all legal drinking age. All female and weigh on average 114 pounds. We don't drink often so I'm not sure. I have 2.7 oz ounces of everclear per person for 3 people. Is that enough to get drunk? I know everclear is real strong **** but I'm not sure.


I like you very much. I have had that much of ever clear. Your in for a fun *** night. Yes you will get drunk. I hope your in Alberta go ever clear!

Yes it is strong enough to kill you. It is mainly Vodka and rum mix together. But you may end up ******* your stomach and liver up from drinking it straight from the bottle. I have a strong feeling that you are under age and that you should not be drinking. Go and find something else to do with your life beside getting drunk.


should be good. ever clear is like 95% alcohol... so 2.7 ounces equals about 5 shots a piece, which should be good for your size, and considering you are of age (very skeptical considering the question, and wording of the question) i'd recommend picking up a 6 pack of mikes hard lemonade (cuz i know girls usually love that stuff) just in case... 2 more of those a piece and you'll be more than good

Two or three shots of everclear and you will be quite drunk, unless you already have a tolerance that is pretty high. Be careful.

If all female than yes.

Own Experience.

I don't think that's enough at all.

uhhh yeah isnt that stuff 100 percent alcohol? i think a shot glass is 1 will probly be very drunk...

what percent of it is alcohol it should say on the bottle?

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