wine and vodka????????????????????/?!

Question: Wine and vodka????????????????????/?
Okay so about an hour ago I had about 2 shots of pineapple Sky Vodka, & now I just had a few drinks of this rosey colored wine.
Will it make me sick?


no way to answer that question accurately.

depends on if you had a full stomach, your size, your tolerance, etc.

too much wine typically makes me sick (either that night, or the morning after), so it might not be a happy outcome. eat some bread/starches and drink some water/gatorade + some tylenol when you go to bed to help avoid a brutal hangover

It completely depends on the person.
That could make some people throw up, and do nothing to others.
If you want to sober up, then eat something.

I wouldn't. I like vodka and wine too but not in the same night. Next time have a couple glasses of red wine then a few lager beers. You will love it

drink some water. 2 shots isnt too bad so you should be fine but as you know best to stick to one kind of drink per evening :)

Just don't OD on it!

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