What are some sweet things you can smoke?!

Question: What are some sweet things you can smoke?
I'm not talking about getting high,
I'm talking about different spices,
Or dried up fruits, or dried up flowers,
or something that has a sweet hint.
Like cinnamon? Can you smoke cinnamon. ( I've tried before )

Smoking's bad,
Please do not answer this question if your trying to tell me smoking is bad.
And please do not tell me to buy stuff off of the internet, I want something you can buy at an average grocery store.


Clove cigarettes are the only thing that comes to mind, but that's probably not what you had in mind. The only other thing I can recommend is (depending on what state you live in) legal herbs or "incenses" as they are called. They taste sort of sweet and there are many flavors. Check out a product called L3 - formerly K2 - it might be what you're looking for.

smoking is bad, but you can go on ebay to find spices to smoke

Little Debbie Boston Creme Pie are very sweet. Smoke one of those.



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