how come Jack Daniel's doesn't say "bourbon" anywhere on the label?!

Question: How come Jack Daniel's doesn't say "bourbon" anywhere on the label?

Legally, Jack Daniel's meets all the requirements to be called bourbon. They choose not to be labeled as bourbon because they have an extra step in the process of making it. Before jack is put into barrels for aging, it is filtered through maple charcoal. This is not a step required in making bourbon, and only 2 or 3 brands of whiskey do this. Jack Daniel's wants to separate itself from bourbon and advertises its product as a smooth and mellow alternative to traditional bourbon. Jack classifies itself as Tennessee whiskey because of the charcoal filtering step and chooses not to be called bourbon to differentiate itself.

Because Jack Daniel's Is Tennesee sour mash Whiskey and is distilled in Lynchburg Tenn
and I live about a hour and 20 minutes drive north of the distillary

If it was from Kentucky, it would be bourbon. Tennessee makes whiskey - good whiskey.

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