What does it feel like to smoke a cigar?!

Question: What does it feel like to smoke a cigar?

Like your first name might as well be Donald..because you are one truely rich man..

It's got a rich and sweet taste and a thick smoke. Don't inhale, whatever you do! Haha.
It's not a cigarette, so you puff on it, and hold the smoke in your mouth, not inhale it to your lungs. It can make people really sick if you do that.

If you're not a smoker, or were never a smoker, I wouldn't advise trying a cigar, might not be enjoyable.

It's actually relaxing somehow, something you don't really get from cigarettes. The smoke stings your mouth slightly, and not from the heat. It tastes good at the time but then your mouth and throat have a nasty taste for the rest of the day and maybe into the next morning.

probably make you a little light headed. not much more, if you don't smoke at all you'll probably cough quite a bit, they are a lot stronger than cigs


it made me light headed and i puked and i'm a cigarette smoker regularly

gives pleasure to a smoker but makes a non smoker feel bad

smoked before, made me lightheaded, tasted like cancer.

my lungs

One smoker told me, it's so very comfortable

probably bad

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