I smoked pot nearly a week ago and I have to take a swab drug test tomorrow for my job interview... tips?!

Question: I smoked pot nearly a week ago and I have to take a swab drug test tomorrow for my job interview... tips?
I smoked mary j like 5 days ago, but i've heard the swab test only picks up thc for like 3 days. I've been using a lot of listerine and brushing like a crazy man, but i feel like there should be something else i can do... help!!!! i need this job


try and rub off the skin cells in your cheek with a toothbrush or something like your fingernail

drink a lot of water. If your terribly worried (it was a week ago) i would drink like 3 five hour energies (the niacin in them will help) also, this does work but it's somewhat risky. you can put a half a table spoon of bleach into a glass of milk (full glass) and it will beat the test surely. HOWEVER, obviously this is very risky and ill advised but.. will work.
oh it's a swab test i should've looked better. swirl peroxide around in your mouth just don't swallow any. (it says on it's a oral anisceptent.)

Hey Facepalm alcohol is way more dangerous. It really depends how much you smoke, if you are a regular smoker it can last weeks if it was a once in a while thing maybe it won't be detected after a few days, the only thing ive heard is drinking lots of water helps sometimes, but that might be piss tests

start looking for another job. you likely won't pass the test, and take this as a lesson if you want to get a job. you could try that stuff that cleans out your system for a while, but not sure if it works on a swab test


I thought it only lasted a week anyway so you might be ok

you shouldn't smoke pot, like really your not cool at all, you don`t deserve the job!

Never smoke pot again. It's illegal, and it's stupid.

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