Got wasted this weekend and feel numb today?!

Question: Got wasted this weekend and feel numb today?
I got completely wasted Friday and Saturday night, and all day today (Sunday) I've felt numb on many parts of my body, or maybe not numb but the feeling is really delayed. Almost how you feel when your drunk, minus the dumb behavior, because I'm thinking and acting sober. Is this normal?


Similar to what a few other answerers said but ur body is DEFINITELY in recovery mode....100% of the alcohol u have drank this entire weekend has not all been processed yet so u still feel the remaining little bit of alcohol running its course thru ur veins (literally). Ur body is literally in "hangover mode" but is missing the symptoms including the headaches, nausea, lethargy, etc. All u experience up to this point is the inhibition of nerve signaling (numbness). Treat this time like any regular hangover and drink Gatorade (can't stress this enough) nd get some rest....I GUARANTEE You'll feel better in the AM

Partied OFTEN in undergrad nd went thru the same exact 2nd year VCU Med school

Alcohol can do this to you. It is literally poison in your body. Especially after a weekend like you've had, it is not unheard of to have strange feelings like this.

Definitely rehydrate yourself. Take in as much water as you can comfortably drink over the next 24 hours.

normal enough. your body probably isn't used to the alcohol abuse, and is still recovering.. you may have fell or were hit by something and have bruises (this happened to me a lot).



Water. Do it.

alcohol can cause Peripheral Neuropathy (damage to nerves).

=( happened to me.

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