How much vodka do you mix with soda or juice?!

Question: How much vodka do you mix with soda or juice?
Just trying to get a feel for how much vodka you would mix with a drink like a can of Dr. Pepper or a glass of orange juice. I'm new to buying and drinking liquor so I'm trying to find out the balance that people usually prefer to use (I hate drink the stuff straight).


I use a ratio of 2 shots to 1 can of pop/juice
However my shot glasses are 1.5 ounces each so it's more like 3 shots if your shot glass is only 1 ounce
That is usually good, you can then adjust the drink accordingly, adding more juice or more alcohol depending on how you like it.

Some good mixed drinks I've had are:

Screwdriver (vodka + orange juice)
Cape Codder (vodka + cranberry juice)
Madras (vodka + orange juice + cranberry juice)
Ice Pick (vodka + iced tea)
Bloody Mary (vodka + tomato juice/V8)
Bloody Caesar (vodka + clamato juice)
Blue Bomber (blue raspberry vodka + lemonade)
Caribou Lou (Bacardi 151 + Malibu + pineapple juice), my personal favorite, this baby will destroy you and turn your night into the best night ever

My brain

Do like half or 3/4 vodka or whatever type of alcohol. The the rest is the mixer. Juice, soda whatever you want.

Yeah I know what you mean I hate drinking straight spirits too cause they taste disgusting. Mix it with iced tea and it should taste better and also it wont be bitter.

a shot you underage drinker

buy a shot glass

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