What is a way to smoke weed out of good to hide?!

Question: What is a way to smoke weed out of good to hide?
Right now ive got a bowl and thats how i smoke weed and i can hide it good but i want something new.im getting rolling paper but what is a good way to smoke out of that you can hide from your parents and one i can get from my dealer no special orders off the internet i mean like bong bubbler etc. (ive got like$80 and i use strong weed fyi)


i don't know where you live but you can easily go to a smoke shop and buy a water pipe for 50-however much.... if your not old enough get a friend...lol. I'm a bad influence but if your gonna answer a question answer it don't LECTURE people.

Do it when they are sleeping so they wont know you are smoking weed. After you are done throw the ashes from the smoke out the window and then take a really good shower and use soap and brush your teeth for a half hour so your parents wont smell it on you cause believe me weed smells and unless you take a really good shower they will notice. As to where to get the weed find a dealer in the streets there are plently of them everywhere.

Just make a pipe out of an Apple or carrot, then you can eat the evidence when you are done, and satisfy.your munchies at the same time.

smoke some grass that growing in ur lawn. Thats a "weed" too? right?

why dont you just make brownies? What parent would suspect a brownie?! Plus they are way more potent.

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