Marlboro time? Think I will!?!

Question: Marlboro time? Think I will!?
Who else loves Marlboros? Aren't they great? No anti smokers please. I'm depressed and don't feel like hearing about tobacco killing ppl when my friend who never smoked died of cancer!


I like smooths they give you a minty taste. And for the tabbaco kills. Oh well somethings gotta. 18 Male

Yes, Marlboro are great!
Here: you can get Marlboro red for just $29.90 per carton (10 packs/200 cigs) including delivery. They accept PayPal for payments, which makes it very comfortable to buy.

Yes tobacco can kill you but so can a big mac from McDonald's since it clogs your arteries. In my opionion you should just live the way you want cause you're going to die one day anyways so who cares. Live for today don't think of tommorrow.

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