1 time drinkers...i need help please?!!?!

Question: 1 time drinkers...i need help please?!!?
My boyfriend just turned 21 and he went out with his friend drinking for his 1st time...will he be ok?I'm worried.ne have neve been drunk before.how does a 1st time boby react to beer or any acoholic drink?I would love if you answer this.I'm worried about him and how his body will be today(he went out last night).thanks


Almost as important is how much you trust his friend. Will he want your bf to drink to excess? Will they be driving? Have they eaten before drinking? Did your bf say he intended to get royally ripped? Variables are too numerous for anyone to be of any help. Let's hope your bf is sensible, as being 21 doesn't automatically mean one is grown up.

he'll be fine.. he probably got hammered last night, and is filling like crap today, unless he slept with some random girls you have nothing to worry about... he will be filling better later this afternoon, or it might take until tomorrow to fill completely normal


What are you, like 15?

He'll be fine. He might have a sore head and feel a bit nauseous today, but no more than that. And he may not feel anything at all: first time drinkers often don't get a hangover.

He'll probably be ill and swear he won't ever drink again.

Until the next time, that is !

It'll depend on how much, for one thing. But what will matter is what follows in the future.

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