Question about Skoal website?!

Question: Question about Skoal website?
If I can legally buy dip in Alabama at 19, Why does the Skoal website require you to verify that you are 21 to even view the webpage. I am going to dip anyway so why cant I look at all of the flavors that are out?


just lie about your age...

@notyou stfu giving people **** about smoking/chew doesn't make them want to quit it just aggrivates them so go troll somewhere else kthxbye

@Waubeeka majority of states allow you to purchase/use tobacco products at 18
from wikipedia:

Each state and many localities have different smoking laws, which makes the age of smoking difficult to understand, but it is commonly at 18 years of age
The tobacco purchase age has been raised to 19 in Alabama, Alaska, New Jersey, Utah, and Nassau, Suffolk, and Onondaga counties in New York.

There are very few things that are more disgusting and dangerous than chewing tobacco. It leads to cancer of the jaw or tongue. If you live, you will be horribly disfigured for the rest of your life.

I didn't think any state allowed tobacco purchases to be made by anyone under 21.

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