Jack Daniels for stomach ulcers?!

Question: Jack Daniels for stomach ulcers?
I was obviously told to cut back on alcohol due to stomach ulcers.
Beer seems to really mess my stomach up even if I only have one.
However I can down Jack n coke and feel just fine.

Any thoughts on this?


The coke helps settle your stomach. Many people take it to help a stomach ache. Caffeine is not good for an ulcer nor is alcohol. You might want to rethink your habits.

That makes no sense at all. Beer which contains ethanol and CO2 hurts your stomach but Jack Daniels which contains even more ethanol and coke which contains CO2, does not. WTF with that? Have whatever you want.

Soda is hard on stomch ulcers *** it is basicly an acid.

And NO downing JackDaniels is Not a good idea.

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