Why should drinking age be raised to age 25?!

Question: Why should drinking age be raised to age 25?
I have this assignment tomorrow ad I need as much answers as I can today. Give me reasons for why it should be raised to the age 25 with benefits and disadvantages. But if you disagree give me reasons why you disagree with benefits. Thanks


It should, advantages include that many college-aged people remain immature and
irresponsible as far as alcohol is concerned. It's also more likely that a 25 year old
is living on their own, working full time and therefore more financially responsible.

Personal experience (I am over 25 if you can't tell)

Well, I started drinking when I was 18 so .... even if it was raised...I don't know that ppl would follow that particular law. But there are good arguments for it to be raised to that age.

The most compelling would be that in humans, the frontal lobe is not fully developed until the lower/mid 20s. The frontal lobe contains most dopamine-sensitive neurons: meaning that it is associated most with reward, attention, long-term memory, planning, and drive/motivation. The main functions of the frontal lobe are to recognize future consequenses from current or future actions, chosse between good/bad actions/descisions (or good, better, best), determine connections/similarities between events, and overriding or surpressing unacceptalble social responses (delay gratification), also it is involved with memories that are emotion-based and maintaining an acceptable emotional reaction (that is it makes sure you don't 'freak-out' in an inappropriate way in reference to the given current situation).

So really the next time someone tells you that 'kids today are immature and make bad descisions' ... tell them you have an excuse, b/c your brain isn't fully developed! =).

But the addition of alcohol makes this problem much worse....alcohol lowers inhibitions and causes problems with the brains ability for descision-making and basically all the above functions suffer with the addition of alcohol so .... if those functions (which are important higher functions in humans) are already under par, then why would you want to exacerbate that with a substance know to hinder those functions??

That would be the argument to up the drinking age.

Example: people who are considered 'sociopath's' are thought to have damaged/under-developed frontal lobes and funtion.


some reasons... People who are 21 do not drink responsibly (or do they?). look up stats and i'd bet you find a good % of DUII arrests are from people 21-24... It would increase the % of college graduates for people who attend colleges/universities... (can you imagine if you had to be 25 instead of 21 to drink, how many fewer parties there would be, and how much harder it would be to get alcohol on college campuses?)

negatives... less people spending money that would have been funded into the community (taxes, alcohol is heavily taxed)..


It shouldn't. It'd hurt the economy, piss a lot of people off, and increase the amount of drunk driving by underage people who would rather risk their lives than risk getting help and then caught.

It should: The brain does not finish maturing until a person is in their early twenties. Consumption of alcohol, a poison that destroys brain cells, prior to the end of brain maturation will hinder the process and ultimately lead to a lower functioning brain.

it shouldn't!!! i see no benefits of the age being raised. you can go fight for your country at the age of 18. their would be alot more fines for underage drinking if they change the age. more money will be made off of dui's

it shouldnt, i think it should be lowered

because there are people who do not know when to stop drinking or they over do it

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