stupid beer question?!

Question: Stupid beer question?
why is it that on some days i can drink a bottle of beer under a minute and not feel anything but other days i have a sip and already feel the effects of alcohol?


It may have to do with the level of alcohol in the beer. Some have more alcohol and some have less. It could also have to do with your level of hydration. If you're dehydrated then the alcohol will probably hit you stronger than if you're well hydrated. It's also going to have to do with how much food you have. If you drink on an empty stomach then you'll feel more drunk than if you drink with a meal. It could also have to do with other medication you might be taking. Most allergy medicines will compound the effects of alcohol. Sedatives and PMS medicine will also compound the effects of alcohol. So, really there are a lot of factors to take into account.

if u eat a lot of food with bear some of it will be absorbed with the food and later be released when the food is digested. maybe you eat with beer some days and just solely drink on others.

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