What are some delicious alcoholic drinks?!

Question: What are some delicious alcoholic drinks?
I hate beer and wine. I don't know what else to get. Ideas?


Captain Morgan or some other rum then add equal parts or your desired ratio with pepsi or coke (pepsi is my favorite b/c it makes it slightly sweeter and really compliments the rum).
Orange Juice and Vodka
Black Russian- 3 parts vodka to 2 parts coffee liqour or you can add more of either
Gin and Juice- get some v8 fruit juice of your choice and add with gin or vodka
Vodka and Red bull- self explanitory
Tom Collins
White Russian
Long Island Ice Tea
Those are all good beverages.

Is that what you want? http://boxee.info/alcoholic-drinks Gooooood luck (:


Order a Nicotini. It's a martini infused with tobacco


Hennessy Cognac ....straight on ice

Jack Daniels and coke

Long Island Ice Tea, for the win!

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