What's A Hangover Like?!

Question: What's A Hangover Like?
Just wondering.....


stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, brain feels too large for skull, throbbing headache, super tired but can't sleep, SO THIRSTY but if u drink too much water it makes you sick, sore body, burning eyes.. it's really pretty awful.

27 years old I've had a drink or two.

Edit: I almost forgot the most fun part... wondering what you did/said the night before.. where ur phone is.. why your shoes are soaking wet.. how you got home.. what that awful smell is.. and worst of all.. where ur pants are.

If you party hard enough...it feels like death! I don't get a lot of hangovers because I usually stay up late enough to somewhat sober up and have enough water..but for those night when i party wayyyyy too hard and can't seem to take care of myself, the next morning I just want to die! You feel sick and don't want to move, usually don't really want to eat and feel like you're going to vomit. Headaches are common and you usually just want to lay in bed all day and die...no word of a lie! but more often than none you had an amazing night:P well unless you did something you don't remember and reallllly shouldnt have. Good luck:P

the ones that aren't very bad are just a minor headache, and your stomach aches a little bit. the bad hangovers feel like death.

i had a hangover 1 time (well, a lot more like it) where I puked every 15 minutes for 3 hours straight (had to drink water to avoid dry heaving), my head felt like it was going to explode, and i felt like death.

hangovers can vary on degree of crappy


Sometimes they aren't that bad but the actually bad ones suck, I feel nauseous all day and dry heave and I'm super thirsty and have a bad headache and usually take really long naps and eat and then I start to feel better but in one word it's awful.

Getting wasted..


You wanna crawl into a hole and die until the headache goes away, until the body aches stop, and until the sunlight goes away.

haha basically, when you are hungover, you feel very weak and get these massive headaches. it all depends on how much u got to drink and also your carrying capacity

drink some beer until you are drunk then go to sleep when you wake up you will know

drink some beer until you are drunk then go to sleep when you wake up you will know

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