Do best answers baffle you as well?!

Question: Do best answers baffle you as well?
A number of times I am first with the correct answer, and do not get picked as best, but that's understandable of course, you can pick who you like, and a lot of people pick friends.
Yesterday's totally baffled me though. Someone asked how to make free PC phone calls. I said using headsets or internet phones, and for the software. The second answerer put Same as the guy above as his answer, and was picked by the questioner as the best answer - sometime I don't know why I bother. Still you can see the funny side as well - HAH.


at least half of my Best Answers are ones that are supposedly picked by the voters. Yet, when I look at the tally, there are zero votes for or against. Whaaa?!

Oh yeah, what the guy above me said... or below me... whichever one is better. :)

There is a trick that allows you to pick your answer as the best answer. I'm not going to reveal it, but I will assure you that I don't use it. I enjoy browsing Yahoo! answers from time to time and I like to get my "Best Answer" honestly. That's probably why my percentage is so low.

Yup, sooooo annoying!
A few days ago someone asked a question which I answered (first) and someone else who didn't answer the question at all got best answer! Wha?

I'm especially baffled when some of my answers ARE picked.

I'm especially baffled when some of my answers ARE picked.


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