chewing tobacco help? skoal in particular?!

Question: Chewing tobacco help? skoal in particular?
i chew skoal wintergreen. recently, i have started to do it again since i cant smoke anymore because my girlfriend is allergic to smoke. anyway, i have chewed before, but i dont get the flavor anymore.. is there something im doing wrong? i get a little bit of flavor but its not what it used to be. i bought the tin yesterday, so it is fresh,
Serious answers only please. i do not want "just quit its bad for you" crap
please help? thanks


it mite be because ur adjusting to the flavor again. its like switching brands or styles of cigarettes they dnt taste the same for a wile but then it all comes back how it was

Yes it is bad for you, it can cause throat gum tunge cancer. I tryed once or twice as a teenager, I don't remember much of the details, but do remember I didn't enjoy it at all.

"just quit because it hardcore makes all of your teeth fall out"
And stock up on lots of bubblegum.

it is bad instead of this chew chewing gum

put it in your mouth, not your butt hole.

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