Whats your favorite Vodka?!

Question: Whats your favorite Vodka?
Do you have a favorite vodka? If so what i it? Reasons why would be nice but any input is appreciated.


FRIS. The mash is never heated. It's frozen at a temperature that will not freeze alcohol, and the alcohol is poured off. Then it's filtered, adjusted to 80o and bottled. Very smooth.

I think they all taste terrible. But some are smoother than others.

I think for the price my favorite is Smirnoff, Orange or Green Apple Smirnoff to be more specific.. They mix perfectly with the corresponding juice. about 15 for a fifth

if i'm broke I like Burnetts (same flavors) a fifth is about 8 bucks.. Sky is decent but a bit more expensive, and I like Ice 101 (peppermint schnapps) which is technically a vodka costs 20 bucks for a fifth...

but mostly straight vodka tastes so-so bad

an alcoholic

Belvedere....not just because "It's SOOOO POPULAR nd the upper class scene" but it is seriously the best vodka I've had....I like Belvedere bc it is the only vodka I can drink on the rocks and truly enjoy the taste of it bc it never has that "rubbing alcohol taste or smell" EVER....a little twist of lime and lemon with it it too is SOO GOOD....

Banana flavored vodka.

the orange grey goose and the pear grey goose are me favorite! so smooth and the light flavor of fruit is so nice!

Russan vodka

Russian vodka that will make you forget the words grey goose for the rest of your life. Mmm.

Beer is the way to go

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