are bartenders used to getting huge tips from drunk people?!

Question: Are bartenders used to getting huge tips from drunk people?
if you were a bartender, and some drunk chick said "i cant do math right now, so whatever is left over is yours" and gave you a $14 tip (bill was only $26-something).... what would you think???

cuz thats essentially what i just did.
i dunno, tomorrow i might be kicking myself in the butt for it. but for right now,as far as i'm concerned, i had an awesome night, the bartender was amazing- to me, that was priceless. for all i know, you could really need the few extra bucks... maybe not. but whatever..

and i was prepared to spend WAY more than that in the first place...
who knows? i'm not rich at all. i'm actually much closer to lower / working class.... but do i sound like a really horrible stupid person right now, for leaving a huge tip like that???


"i had an awesome night, the bartender was amazing- to me, that was priceless."...Sometimes we leave more than just a tip on the cocktails because we've been given more. And that's fine. Besides, think how good the service will be next time.

yes. they have to put up with drunk people, so they deserve the tip. if you are too drunk to realize how much of a tip you are giving (you can ask how much your bill is before you pay), than that is on you for over-tipping (no such thing).


Ya am sure there are some big tippers out there espessially when drunk, bartenders must love em. Then there's others that may leave no tip.

A huge tip to your local bartender one night can equal free drinks in your future. Think of it as an investment. And trust me, she appreciates your generosity.

no. the person is prollie grateful for the huge tip. often ppl dont mind if it involves money hahaxD dont let it drag u down in the dumps

yes when they are in drunk they are out of control if they are happy mode then they can give you so

probably not eh i suppose there is some people that do things like that when they're drunk but not much

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