What happened the first time you came home drunk to your parents?!

Question: What happened the first time you came home drunk to your parents?
My twin sons are only fourteen
but they came home drunk for the first time about three weeks ago.
I didn't really know how to handle it but I have always been the mother who gives her sons space but still looks out for them
I didnt yell or anything...I held Tom's hair back when he threw up
and covered for them when there dad came home.
and the next day I sat out a glass of water and hangover pills for them on their bed side table
(well, one of them slept in the bathroom)
I told them what I felt about it but I wasnt angry.
It made me really happy when they told me they trusted me enough to come home and told me that they had no reason to be afraid of me.
I don't know if I handled it right but I'm glad I didnt punish them.

What did your parents do when you came home drunk for the first time?


Wow, I wish my mom was more like that. Your sons are very lucky!

Uhum, I came home drunk once from my first time of drinking during a school field trip. (I'm 15 and I was in pain.. emotional pain, I was the only one who drank) and my sister picked me up from school, and she scares me, so when I saw her...I straightened up really quickly. No one ever found out.

Just make sure he understands the dangers of alcohol. I personally wasn't stupid enough to come home drunk, but I imagine support would be the best reaction.

i am 15 years old, i have never gotten drunk and have no intentions to until i am eighteen.

Well, growing up with my father during the years where I was drinking as a teenager, he wasn't too concerned. He let me drink alcohol at home hoping that I'd be mature about it and not over do it (the European way with 16 being the drinking age in some countries there) and so he wasn't so concerned when I did it away from home and came home that way, (which wasn't too often.) (Admittedly, 14 is a little young.)

I did start smoking pot at a younger age, 15, and my mother found me out once. I was trying to act normal but I could tell that she knew and she told me that she did later on. Her stance was that she wanted me to be open with her, and because of that she didn't ever give me trouble for it. She did let me know her opinion of it. Mind you, this was when I was about 17 while visiting with her, not 15 when I first started with that. I did stop smoking it at 17 for good mind you so perhaps my parents easy-goingness on the issue did have an affect me?

that was very understanding. 14 is a very young age to start drinking, and make sure they understand the dangers and risks of drinking. I'm assuming you don't approve, and make that known. Its good to understand they are teens and curious, but I wouldn't approve of it. Alcohol stunts development, can be addictive (especially the younger you being drinking at), and there is a reason the drinking age is 21.

i started drinking at a young age (not quite that young), and allowed it to consume my life. Try to make sure the same thing doesn't happen to your children, because I would not want the same problems I've had to happen to anyone else

***and to answer your question My parents talked with me, but it was more of a lecture and yelling than talking... They said the next morning "I hope you have a headache, and fill like crap," but instead of talking to me like an adult about drinking, they just nagged on me, and didn't really educate me, or help me understand, just told me how disappointed they were and how stupid I was... It didn't help


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