This mug was a gift.

It was from the first (and last) year my oldest son was in Cub Scouts, he was 5 years old.

They needed help and I volunteered. I was the group leader.

One of the boys mother gave it to me.

It was 1987. I had to check and make sure. I used the Roman Numeral Converter.



My two younger boys are in Cub Scouts, and they love it. They will continue.



and hand washed it just for the occasion. It is my prize tall mug that has the existing continents of the world on the cup. The land areas are in green and the rest of the mug is in blue. When you fill it with hot coffee, the fun starts.

The shorelines slowly start to move inland as the oceans 'rise' and the land recedes. Within a minute or so the shoreline has receded to the place where it would hypothetically be if the ice caps melt because of global warming. Florida is gone as is New York and most cities near the coast.

A very dramatic demonstration and one of my favorite cups. I gave one to my wife and kept one for myself. However, I don't use it much because you can't wash it in the dish washer because the heat would ruin the chemicals that perform the visual shrinking trick. But I did just for the occasion. If there are any voyageurs out there, they also have one of a shapely lass with a swimsuit. If you fill it with hot water...well...you get the picture.

the last time i drank coffeee out of a coffee mug it had snowmen on it
i bought it at the 99 cents store around chrisatams time
i bought it bc it was just snowmen and would be fine to use all winter long

My coffee mug has a massive spiral thing on it, like circles withing a circle within..etc. Its really trippy, i love it. I got it last yr when I was at a supermarket high. Not as cute as yr story...=S

It is just a plain dark blue..

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