stories with stroh rum.. good and bad?!

Question: Stories with stroh rum.. good and bad?
me and my friends wanted to buy stroh rum but people are saying 5 people on one stroh rum bottle is dont worry we are legal of drinking age!!

sooo.. is there something else we can buy? thats maybe only 60%alcho? or less
we actually want to get my one friend drunk cuz everytime we drink shes ALWAYS the sober'est' one and we always drink the same amount!!
lets just say shes an 'experienced' drinker

we dont have a price limit


yeah if ya'll have been drinking awhile then just go for it. usually those bad stories come from those little kids who don't know how to handle their liquor but think they can. the closest i can compare is killing a bottle of whiskey and a 30 with 6 people one night. we were all coherent at the end of the night. 5 with a bottle of that should be aight i imagine. just don't take back to back shots over and over lol.

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