Why do I not get hangovers from liquor only?!

Question: Why do I not get hangovers from liquor only?
I can take something like 10 shots of whiskey then wake up the next morning feeling completely fine, even refreshed. However, if I had been drinking wine or beer, I would have had a massive hangover, even if i drank less alcohol in total. Why does this happen?


There is more sugar in beer and wine. Especially wine. I used to drink gin and tonics all night, and would get the worst hangovers. Tonic water has a lot of sugar in it. I switched to flavored vodka and soda water, and rarely get hangovers any more. The water hydrates you. Some people prefer 7up or sprite to the soda water, but you are re-introducing sugar into the mix. Just taking shots means you are probably drinking some water during the course of your evening. If not you should be.

well then your damn lucky to not get hangovers from liquor, just be happy for that! 4 shots of vodka, & im out the next day, hangover from hell.

later you will get the shakes when your tolerance builds up. Cut back dude because that is too much!

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