Do you prefer Miller Light, Bud Light or Coors Light?!

Question: Do you prefer Miller Light, Bud Light or Coors Light?
I prefer Miller Light. Also, don't be that pretentious jackass that says "Those are awful I like overly priced beer which obviously makes me superior."


It's already been proven in blind taste tastes that no one can tell the difference between the three - even the hard core "enter beer of choice here" drinkers.

In all my years behind the bar and all the swapping of kegs that happened, I know, without any doubt, that there are VERY few people who can tell the difference between your local pints of beers. Whether that's up in Canada, in the States or over in Europe, it takes a real connoisseur to be able to detect the subtle differences in your average beer / liquor store ales.

And, not being either jackass - the one that drinks high-priced beers or the one who posts meaningless questions, I drink a local brew that costs about $1.40USD - but its a quality beer with a nice beer-y taste (I didn't want to say anything about it being hoppy or anything uppity like that - cuz again, I'm not that jackass) and I drink it because of that. Not because I saw a guy on TV drinking Coors light and he had 3 bikini-ed blondes beside him.

If you're still struggling deciding which of those are better, I strongly suggest going to your local beer store and checking out the variety of beers on offer from other countries. Many won't cost much more than what you currently pay for your case...but you'll find some that just taste like...well, GOOD BEER.

Reese Richards

Hell, I would drink other cheap beers first. Price has nothing to do with it, but given these choices I would take Miller Lite. PBR is cheap too, I would drink that, and depending where in the country you are Genesee is pretty cheap and superior to these choices.

Not tryin to be a 'pretentious jackass' but I honestly don't like any of those particular beers.

If I had to choose out of the three I'd go with Bud Light.

1) Miller
2) Coors
3) Bud

I prefer to drink beer.

Don't be that jackass who spams up the board with meaningless "questions".

i dislike all of them. theres much better tasting beer out there. but if i had to pick. Miller Lite

miller lite
bud light
coors light

I agree with you

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