Do you feel more sexually aroused when consuming alcohol (small quantities)?!

Question: Do you feel more sexually aroused when consuming alcohol (small quantities)?
I mean, I'm absolutely 100% equally sexually excited before or after alcohol, I have found out f or me that alcohol doesn't affect my sexual mood in any way, oh, only one way, it can decrease it but not increase it, I'm most sexually excited while sober, I can't get to the same intensity with alcohol. What is your experience?


Small amounts, like 1 glass of anything just makes me sleepy. After 2 then I start to wake up, get happy, horny, whatever.
I do get aroused after a few but I have to be in the right setting. I'm not going to get aroused drinking at a BBQ but in other scenarios... sure!

yes alcohol makes me very sexually aroused

It makes me sleepy

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