what are some good cheap cigars?!

Question: What are some good cheap cigars?
and i dont mean small cigars or cigarillos or even swisher sweets. i mean actual cigars.


Hey, Lucas

Try Don Kiki from Cuban Crafters.
These are "real" cigars. Very mild and creamy... And really inexpensive.
I've been smoking them for about a year now.

According to the Cuban Crafters website, the leaves for this cigar are aged for three years, and after the cigars are rolled they are aged for an additional three years. The wrapper is a fairly dry colorado maduro, Nicaraguan sun-grown criollo.

And as an experienced cigar smoker, I prefer full bodied selections... Most milder cigars tend to sacrifice flavor, but not these.

I was going to saw Swishers before I read it, but really those aren't too good. I don't think any cheap cigar will be that good because I think the main reason they sell many cheap cigars is because people gut them and roll blunts with them.

Backwoods cigars are quite good.

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