Do I drink to much diet coke?!

Question: Do I drink to much diet coke?
Hi there been looking as some links to see if I am drinking to much diet coke and if it is doing me any long term damage!! I drink between 10 and 12 cans a day can anyone give me any advice, it would be much appreciated xxx


The sweetener in the drink you mention is called aspartame and is a neurotoxin ie; nerve poison. It is mildly addictive and can assist in putting on weight that is very hard to remove. Long term use can give the same symptoms as MS and as a result you can end up in a wheel chair. Why people drink it is something I do not understand! Any powdered version of Aspartame makes a good ant poison. It is in nearly all artificial sweeteners

NO, no, no nonononono! That is horrible for you! First of all, even though it says 0 calories and no caffeine or fat or whatever, there's still sodium and sugar! That will drain you of your much needed water and build up fat. The caffeine may make you 'addicted' to the drink and it will be hard to get you off of that insane amount of intake. You should lessen it down daily one can. So today, only drink 9. Tomorrow drink 8. The next day after that, 7. and so on and so forth. A soda a day is pretty good, and replace the large amounts of soda intake with water, and you should be great! :D

A lover of Diet Coke <3

yes you are having over 50 grams sodium per day and over 34 grams sugars per day so there is no nutrition's is diet coke add it all up you have more than 50 pound of sugar per year
the company will say in business because of having a lot of salt and sugar you are killing your self not to mention your health.
do you ever drink water ? what about real fruit juice.

you drink TOO much
coke is like a you can't stop init.
....but try reducing the amounts.
otherwise you are gonna have cancer, CF, cell damage, heart disease, Asthma, Influenza, pneumonia and EVERYTHING

I never drink pop, its just full of chemicals. Did you know that the syrup that they use has warning signs because it's extremely acidic and anyone that handles it hast to wear special suits? Just think what that is doing to your body. Eating away as we speak.

I think that is too much. They've linked drinking five cans a day with quite an increase in heart problems. Also, the amount of salt in a diet Coke will actually dehydrate you which can lead to all shorts of health problems.

Yes, that is definitely too much. You should switch to lemonade.

Yes that is too much. Advice: drink only one can per day.

a f=riend of mine who keeps drinking diet sodas got cancer. its is dagngerous stuff

yes you drink too much

i think that it tooooooooo much.... (:

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